Band Achievement Reward Levels
PASSING ACHIEVEMENT PIECES: Set a goal of passing 1-2 songs a week. Since I only see students once a week, I cannot listen to students individually. Using Smart Music is the only way to achieve these long-term goals. Once you earn a 90% score on Smart Music, submit it to Mrs. Haeger. Then make sure you put a sticker on the chart for that achievement piece.

For each level passed, students will receive a certificate and a postcard in the mail. Upon completion of the last level, they will be awarded a medal at the Spring Concert!

The first person to finish either book 1 or book 2 each year gets to throw a pie in Mrs. Haeger's face. VIDEO COMING SOON!

Finish these exercises and…
#7, #12, #14, #17, #22, #23, #29, #31, #35, #39, #41, #43, #46, #49, #53
Congratulations, you’ve reached the FIRST CLASS LEVEL!!!

Finish these exercises and…
#55, #57, #61, #63, #67, #70, #73, #78, #79, #82, #84, #87, #91, #95, #98
Congratulations, you’ve reached MASTER LEVEL!!!

Finish these exercises and…
#104, #106, #111, #115, #117#122, , #126, #128, #131, #134, #136, #139, #141, #142, #143, #146, #148, #151, #153, #155

Congratulations, you’ve reached ARTIST LEVEL!!!

Finish these exercises and…
#2, #5, #6, #7, #12, #16, #21, #24, #28, #29, #33, #35
Concert Bb Major ScaleConcert G Harm. MinorConcert Eb Major Scale Congratulations, you’ve reached the SENIOR ARTIST LEVEL!!!

Finish these exercises and…
#36, #39, #42, #45, #47, #51, #53, #57, #62, #65, #67, #69Concert C Harmonic MinorConcert F Major ScaleConcert Ab Major Scale
Congratulations, you’ve reached VIVACE LEVEL!!!

Finish these exercises and…
#72, #76, #77, #81, #87, #88, #91, #92, #96, #100, #101, #106, #111, #115, #116, #118 Concert C Major Scale Chromatic Scale Solo p. 38-39
Congratulations, you’ve reached FINE LEVEL!!!


What is it?

Watch a video here

Why do I need it?

1. Your child will grow faster as a musician

2. There are many students and only 1 of me

3. In band class we want to focus on group pieces.
4. Your child should focus on instrumental growth at home.

5. The program listens to your student and helps fix mistakes

How do I get help?



Step by Step Instructions


  • Click “BUY NOW”

  • If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, you will need to purchase one. My laptop microphone works fine but if your microphone doesn’t pick up the sound (do a microphone check when it prompts you) you will need to purchase one.

  • A subscription must be on the account of the person using SmartMusic. Smart Music Student and Educator Subscriptions are per-user, meaning that a subscription must be on the account of the person that will log into and use SmartMusic. A subscription allows access on any single device at a time.

  • Before you can use your subscription to access SmartMusic's repertoire, you need to download and install the SmartMusic program onto your computer.
  • Before installing SmartMusic, make sure that a subscription is on your account. You can get a **subscription** on your account by **purchasing a subscription**.
  • If you already have a **subscription on your account** and have installed SmartMusic, skip these instructions and continue on to **open SmartMusic and log in**.
    • § SmartMusic is not supported on Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard). If you're using one of these operating systems, use the Download SmartMusic 2012c link at the top of the download page.
    • o To let SmartMusic remember your email address, select the Remember Me check box.
    • o To let Smart Music keep you logged in to Smart Music until you manually log out, select the “Keep Me Logged In” check box.
    • o To get a new password sent to the e-mail address on your account, click Forgot your password, type your email address, and then click Reset Password.
  • In your web browser, go to and then click Download SmartMusic. The SmartMusic download page appears.
  • If the download doesn't start automatically, click the start it manually here link.
  • Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file to start the installation


  • Open Smart Music or if Smart Music is already open, click Home. The log in screen appears.
  • Type your email address or username and password.
  • Click Log In.

  • Click the button that best describes how you use SmartMusic. The Set Up Account screen appears.
  • Add the requested information to your account. When it asks for your grade click 5th Grade. Save Changes

  • Now that you've opened SmartMusic and logged in, set up your SmartMusic microphone and computer speakers. Setting up your microphone and speakers as follows will ensure that you have the best experience with SmartMusic.
    • o Ensure that you've connected your speakers or headphones to your computer's line-out jack (typically green) and are hearing audio through them.
    • o Place the speakers in your practice space so that you are positioned evenly between them. You should be far enough out of the way of the speakers to avoid interference from the microphone.
    • o My laptop microphone works fine but you may have to purchase an external microphone. If you need to connect the SmartMusic Microphone to your computer:
      • § For PC computers, connect the SmartMusic microphone to your computer's microphone jack (typically pink).
      • § For Mac computers, connect the USB dongle into a USB port on your computer.
      • § Only the SmartMusic microphone is supported for use with SmartMusic. If you are using a Mac, be sure that you purchase a USB SmartMusic microphone.
***Note that it is important to position the microphone at least four feet away from the speakers so that the SmartMusic accompaniment does not interfere with your assessment.
  • The Settings screen appears.
    • In the Microphone and Speakers settings, choose your microphone or input device from the Microphone drop-down menu.
    • On Windows computers, the name of the microphone will match the name of your system's input device.
    • For Mac computers, or computers using the SmartMusic USB Microphone, the name of the microphone will be SmartMusic USB Microphone.
    • Click Mic Check. Performing a Mic Check will set the optimal microphone level and ensure that you've positioned the microphone correctly.
    • The Microphone Calibration dialog box appears. In the Instrument drop-down menu, choose your instrument.
    • Microphone placement instructions appear. Place your microphone as indicated for your instrument.
*** Be careful when attaching a microphone to your instrument. The microphone cord should be positioned in a way that prevents it from being stepped on or wrapped around items in your practice space.
  • Click Next. Music and instructions appear.
  • Play the indicated music until the progress bar reaches 100%. Instruments hold a note until the Mic Check finishes. Percussion repeat the music on-screen until the Mic Check finishes.
    • o Once you've successfully completed the Mic Check check, click Continue to close the Microphone Calibration dialog box.

  • § Once you've enrolled in a class, a unique class screen is available to you that lists assignments, grades, and important information from your teacher.

  • Click on the class you are enrolled in (Bay View Beginning Band, Westlake Beginning Band, etc.).
  • Click on STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE BOOK 1 under “Our Method Book”. Scroll down to find the piece you would like to practice along with.
  • Make sure your instrument is selected in the upper left hand corner. If not, find your instrument.
  • Click START to get the music to play. Please note the green line goes along with the beat and follows EXACTLY where you are in the piece. DON’T FOLLOW IT… STAY ON TOP OF IT.
  • Follow the PRACTICE DIRECTIONS I spelled out for you in Weeks 1 and 2. It can also be found on the PRACTICE LOG I gave you at the meeting (which should be stored in student’s folder and used to track assignments and minutes practiced each week).
  • When you have an achievement piece ready for testing (90% accuracy) click DONE.
  • Now find the ASSIGNMENTS list. This is where you will access pieces when you want to “test” for a song. Click START and play along with the music.
  • Once you pass with a 90% score or above, click “submit”. This will enter it in my gradebook but you will be responsible for keeping track of the pieces you have passed and putting stickers on the chart. This is ON YOUR HONOR. Please don’t put stickers up for pieces you haven’t passed with 90%
    • Make sure your microphone is working properly. Do a microphone check. See SET UP YOUR MICROPHONE AND SPEAKERS.
    • Tune your instrument. On the lower left corner of your home page you will see the PRACTICE TOOLS area (this is somewhere different for ipads and tablets… I’m not sure where).
      • Click there and find the tuner.
      • Go to and scroll down to your instrument.
      • Click on “How to tune your __”.
      • Set the tuner to the starting note you will be tuning to. Use the 3rd note you learned in the book:
Flutes: Bb Clarinet: C Alto Saxophone: G
Trumpet: C Trombone/Baritone: Bb
Percussion: No tuning is necessary